From 1st April 2015 all private landlords in the city must
apply for a five-year licence for each of their rented properties.

Is your property affected?

If your property is liable for council tax under Liverpool Council,
then YES - your property IS subject to Selective Licensing.

What needs to be done and when


by 1st April 2015






How much will a licence cost?

First property: £400
Each additional property: £350
Properties owned, or managed,
by members of a co-regulation organisation:

The £50 'Fit & Proper Person' Check is included.

Are there any discounts?

Individual landlords can receive discounts, using one of the following methods:-

  1. Use a co-regulated agent (like Homesure)
  2. Join the Residential Landlords Association
  3. Join the CLASS Accreditation Scheme
    1. This will be closed at some point in the future (council have set a date yet), and it will be immediate, i.e. without notice.

Licensing Conditions

What exactly are the conditions that all landlords must abide by?

Want to find out more and do some of your own research first?

Are there any Legal Challenges to this?

Yes, there are quite a few and you may have heard about them.

Click on the links below to find out more information, and get involved in the petitions if you wish.

In terms of the current situationyou must still proceed with Licensing your properties in order to avoid penalties.

We addressed the below issues directly with the Licensing Team, and they responded as follows:-

"I can advise that proposed licence holders should continue with their applications.

The ICO has asked “that the council reviews the information they are asking for in their Landlord Licence application form so that it is clear”

We will provide further information to licence holders as and when necessary."

Liverpool Landlord Licensing Team

How Homesure can help you

Already one of our Fully-Managed landlords?

Simply click here to complete a short form - we'll do everything else for you!

New & non-managed Landlords

You've got 3 options.

If you are joining us as FULLY-MANAGED client, you just need to complete a short form here.

 (If you've received an email directly from the council, just ignore it - our work will supersede this)


If you want to continue to manage your property yourself, we can still help you get licensed.

 For a one-off fee of £120 + VAT (£144), we will:-

  1. Visit your property and carry out a ‘Landlord Licensing Compliance Check’ (this is included within our fully-managed package), which will ensure your property is up to the licensing standards (if it isn’t, we’ll tell you what needs to be done)
  2. Register your property
  3. Complete the Full Application for you

 What we can’t do:- 

  • The ‘Fit and Proper Person Check’ which is £50 (direct to the council). For more information on this, please click here. You will need to pay for, and complete, your own check as it personal to you.
  • Carry out quarterly inspections to ensure you are fully compliant with the Licensing Conditions (these can be found here).
  • Pass on our 50% discount, so you will need to pay the full licence fee of £400. You can still get a 50% discount if your property is CLASS-registered or if you are an individual member of The Residential Landlords Association.


Now choose your option below to get started.

Option 1 - Fully-Managed service

£260 (inc. VAT) Hands-off option, including
  • (This package is only available to fully managed properties)
  • Includes a ‘Landlord Licensing Compliance Check’ (worth £60!), which includes a visit to your property
  • Homesure as the Licence Holder AND Managing Agent
  • Stage 1 - Registering
  • Stage 2 - Fit & Proper Person check
  • Stage 3 - Full Application
  • Stage 4 - Paying the fee
  • Regular inspections of the property in accordance with the Licensing Conditions
  • You will receive a 50% discount to just £200 per property
  • Includes the licence fee of £200 per property
  • Includes the administration fee of £50.00 + VAT (£60.00)

Option 2 - Non-managed Landlords

£344 / £544 (inc. VAT) Application & Inspection, including
  • Includes a 'Landlord Licensing Compliance' check at £120 + VAT (£144)
  • Stage 1 - Registering
  • Stage 3 - Full Application
  • Stage 4 - Paying the fee
  • Includes licence fee at either £200 (if you are individually CLASS-registered) or £400 per property

Option 3 - Landlord Licensing Compliance Check

£144 (inc. VAT) Inspection-only, DIY application
  • Includes a 'Landlord Licensing Compliance' check at £120 + VAT (£144)
  • You will carry out the rest of the Application Process yourself

Need further help?

We know it's complicated! But we also don't know all of the answers when it comes to specific questions,
so please call the council directly on 0151 233 3055.

If you'd rather email us, please click on the link to the right.