Property Investments in Liverpool

Nicholas Stott

Nicholas (Nick) is Managing Director of Homesure Property specialising in Property Investment, Property Development, & Property Management.

If you’re looking for property investment advice and local knowledge, feel free to give our very own Nicholas Stott a call for a quick chat on 0151 722 22 22.

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Don’t feel confident about talking to Nick yet?

Why not listen to one of his podcasts interviews over on Property Geek first? No ability to listen? Read it here. Or check out all the other interviews Rob Dix has done for information of different aspects of property investment.

Why not also jump on the forum at The Property Hub? Nicholas (& Mark) are regular contributors on there and, combined with The Property Podcast, you can be sure to get loads of free and friendly advice from the comfort of your commute to work or while out running.

Good luck on your property journey!