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My Rent

Talk to us about changing your payment dates, making a payment, repaying your arrears, or anything else regarding monies.

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Repairs & Maintenance

Talk to us about a new repair you want to report, an existing repair we already know about, or anything else regarding repairs & maintenance at your property.

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User Guides and Help

Many issues arising in your home can be dealt with by you, and fall under your responsibility as a tenant to maintain.

Click here for helpful guides, videos, & information on how to solve issues yourself.

My Tenancy

Talk to us about renewing your tenancy, ending & giving notice to leave the property, or anything else regarding your tenancy.

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My Inspections

Talk to us about arranging a new inspection at your home, cancelling an existing inspection,  or anything else to do with inspections.

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Send a Request to your Landlord

Want to redecorate, get a pet, or remove something from the property?

Or want to ask your landlord to do something for you?

Make sure your landlord agrees first so that you are protected.

Simply click here to send a request to your  landlord

My Deposit

Talk to us about getting your deposit back after you've left the property, receiving the confirmation of protection of your deposit, or anything else regarding your deposit.

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Anything else?

Talk to us about something else not mentioned here.

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