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Deposit Protection: How to protect yourself

The introduction of the legal requirement to protect deposits in 2007 caused outcry at the time, but only within the industry. Much like now, only those who have a direct experience with deposit protection really know about it. It always amazes me just how many tenants and landlords alike are unaware of the law. I…

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Property Investments in Liverpool

If you’re looking for property investment advice and local knowledge, feel free to give our very own Nicholas Stott a call for a quick chat on 0151 722 22 22. If you’re just dipping your toe into the water or don’t feel ready to talk to any one yet, why not sign up and get…

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Property Investment – Geekin’ out

If you’re not signed up to my property investment newsletter, sign up in seconds here. What do I get? You get me rambling on about property investment, specifically in Liverpool, but with a foot outside of the area wondering why Liverpool is usually performing completely differently to the rest of the country. Does it cost…

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Tenancy Deposits – Don’t Get Burned

One of the most time consuming property management tasks that I deal with is, without doubt, deposit disputes. It is also one of the issues that landlords feel most passionately about and understandably so. A lot of landlords are accidental and have inherited their properties. It is therefore even more distressing if a tenant leaves…

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Hats on or off for The Benefit Cap?

General housing policies The current government have evidently identified housing as a target area and are definitely keeping landlords and agents on their toes! Last year, we saw the introduction of the widely discussed bedroom tax. What seems to have been widely ignored by the press, is that this tax only affects social landlords and…

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Feedback Needed on New Property Research Tool

Mark Alexander of the excellent website emailed me to ask my thoughts on their new Property Search Tool, launching on their website. Check out the tool here: UK Property Research Tool What you need to know and where to find the information X Mark is a champion of investors and puts a hell of…

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Council Tax Changes – What does this mean for Landlords in Liverpool?

*** UPDATED 1st April 2016 *** Since this post was originally written on 12th January 2014, Liverpool City Council has now completely withdrawn the exemptions for empty properties. Click here for more information. The most important change is as follows:-   Empty property discount From 1st April 2016 discounts for empty homes that are either furnished or…

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Open Letter to Luciana Berger, MP for Wavertree, Liverpool

Dear Luciana, We at HOMEsure Property regularly house Asylum Seekers, often at very short notice, providing them with clean, safe, and suitable accommodation at the relevant local authority housing rate. We support the local authority who lean on us heavily as they know that we work quickly to house their clients, especially when other agents…

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What makes a great Buy-to-Let Landlord?

Robert Jones of Property Investments UK very kindly sent the below Infographic to us, from his latest blog post at I like it when a property investment company makes the point of including a lettings agents’ fees into their Return On Investment yields. Many investment companies will ignore these ‘optional’ costs & fees to massage…

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