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If you have any questions during this process, please view our FAQs section here


1. How much do I need to pay?

You need to pay an Application Fee to enable us to pay an independent, third party to verify your details.

Please be aware that you may lose your Application Fee if you fail to disclose negative information, such as rent arrears, debt arrangements, County Court judgements (CCJs), etc., on your Pre-Tenancy Application Form and/or Credit & Referencing Forms.

Your Application Fees

If there is just ONE Tenant, the Application Fee is £180.00

(including VAT)

Picture32 If there is ONE Tenant plus ONE Guarantor(If no Guarantor offered on Pre-Tenancy Application, and then required to be added at a later date, there is an additional £60.00 charge) £180.00

(including VAT)

If there are TWO Tenants (and no Guarantors) £180.00

(including VAT)

Picture32 If there are TWO Tenants plus ONE Guarantor £240.00

(including VAT)

Picture33 More Tenants and/or Guarantors? For each additional person £60.00

(including VAT)

Picture34 Student? This is per person and includes the Guarantor £60.00

(including VAT)


Do I need to pay a Holding Deposit?

If you want to reserve the property while you undergo credit & reference checks, you can pay a holding deposit.

This does not mean that you are guaranteed to get the property, however, it means that we will not show the property to anyone else while you go through referencing.

You have TEN DAYS to undergo the referencing process.

If you do want to pay a holding deposit, this is £100.00 (VAT not applicable), and is deducted from the first month's rent upon moving in.

The only way you can lose your holding deposit is if:-

  1. You lie, or fail to disclose when legally-obliged, any negative details which later come to our/the landlord's attention. In this circumstance you will lose all of your application fee(s) and holding deposit.
  2. You change your mind, after you've paid your fees and/or holding deposit, and decide to withdraw your application. You will receive your holding deposit back minus a reasonable charge for administration costs incurred.


How would you like to pay?

We strongly recommend an online bank transfer, as this is reaches us more quickly.

Online Bank Transfer

Our bank details are:-

Bank: Lloyds Bank Plc

Account name: HOMEsure

Sort code: 30-95-11

Account number: 00564126



You may bring cash to our office at:-

32 Allerton Road, Woolton Village, Liverpool, L25 7RG.

PLEASE NOTE! We do accept Application Fees and Holding Deposits in cash but ALL rent and deposits MUST be paid via your bank.

We recommend making an appointment to ensure that a suitably qualified member of staff is available to assist you. Please call us on 0151 722 22 22, or send an email to

Making an international payment?

IBAN: GB34LOYD30951100564126


2. Prove......who you are.

We'll also need the same information for any joint tenants and/or guarantors.

PLEASE NOTE! We will need one form per tenant/guarantor.

IMPORTANT! To comply with 'Right to Rent' checks, you must provide the SAME documentation to us, that you provide to the referencing company. For example, if you choose the 'Passport' option, you must send us your passport.

We now need the following documentation from you:-

Proof of ID (identification)

This needs to be either:

- photographic DRIVING LICENCE
- or a photographic BUS PASS

If you are a STUDENT, or will be during your tenancy, you will need to provide proof of student status.

Please make sure all ID is within any expiry dates!


Proof of Address

This needs to be either:

- a UTILITY bill

Please make sure they are within 3 months of today's date.


Once you have 1 of each type of document from the list above, you can complete the form in one of the following ways:-



Visit this link via your smartphone, and you can take photos of your ID on your phone and upload them straight into the form!



Visit this link via your PC, and you can upload documents straight into the form!



Call us on 0151 722 22 22 to make an appointment to visit our office at: 32 Allerton Road, Woolton Village, Liverpool, L25 7RG. 



3. Check......your Credit.

Once the Landlord has accepted your offer, we will send you a confirmation email with the full instructions on what to do next.



Got a question?

The most commonly asked questions are answered so, if you want an immediate answer, simply find the question below and click on the arrow.

If your query isn't listed below, simply call us on 0151 722 22 22, or send an email to


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