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How do I get my deposit back?

We know that getting your deposit back as soon as possible is important to you.
This is why we help ensure you are aware of the things you need to do before you actually move out.

We have created an End of Tenancy Checklist to ensure that you know what your responsibilities are.


We cannot even begin to start discussing the return of your deposit until you have:-

  1. handed back the property in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the tenancy
  2. paid all rent in full, and all bills have been settled (and proof provided of the same).


Where is my deposit?

We use the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) who hold and store your money (we do not keep your money), in accordance with the Terms & Conditions as outlined within your Prescribed Information Relating to Tenancy Deposits document when you move in.

How do I request my deposit back?

Therefore, AFTER you have moved out, you need to request your deposit back from the DPS. They will then contact us and we will respond accordingly.

When we protect your deposit, the DPS will send you a Deposit Protection Confirmation, detailing your Deposit ID and Repayment ID. You will need this information whenever you make an enquiry and in order to request your deposit back via their website.

Click here to read the DPS’ A Tenant’s Guide to the Custodial Scheme

Step 1

Once you’ve ensured all of your rent is paid, bills are settled, and you’ve sent us your completed Deposit Return Form, you can request your deposit back via the DPS’ website.

Step 2

We receive a Repayment Request from the DPS advising us that you wish to receive your deposit back.

Step 3

We check to ensure that all of your rent is paid, bills are settled, and you’ve sent us your completed Deposit Return Form.

Step 4

We seek approval from your landlord with regards to your request to have your deposit returned.

If they wish to make any deductions from your deposit, we request that they provide us with a breakdown of the deductions and the costs incurred that they wish to recover from you.

Step 5

We update the DPS website with the landlord’s response. You will then receive a notification of the same.

What if we can’t agree on the amount of deposit to be released?

Firstly, don’t worry. The DPS has a process for when a landlord and a tenant do not agree on how much of the deposit should be returned to the tenant – Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The DPS handles this whole process free of charge to you, and it is completely independent of both us and your landlord so please do not worry about fairness.

Click here to find out more about Deposit Disputes


What if the landlord is taking too long to respond to my deposit repayment request?

The DPS guidelines state that you must receive a response to your repayment request (step 1 above) within 14 days.

If you are not satisfied with the length of time that it is taking to receive a response, you can initiate the Single Claim Process. Click here for more information.


What if I’ve got more questions about Deposit Protection?

The DPS has a helpful section on its website – click here – for more answers to frequently asked questions, as well as contact information so you can get free & impartial advice.

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