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Deposit Protection: How to protect yourself

Nicholas Stott

Nicholas (Nick) is Managing Director of Homesure Property specialising in Property Investment, Property Development, & Property Management.

The introduction of the legal requirement to protect deposits in 2007 caused outcry at the time, but only within the industry. Much like now, only those who have a direct experience with deposit protection really know about it.

It always amazes me just how many tenants and landlords alike are unaware of the law. I know there’ll always be rogues who fly under the radar (hence my similar stance on Liverpool Landlord Licensing) and this highlights the need for education before enforcement. If you educate the general public, they will do your rogue-finding for you rather than (as usual) punishing the good and giving the rogues a free ride!

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Anyway, that’s not my point here; how can you as a tenant or you as a landlord protect yourself of falling foul of deposit protection schemes?

Why am I, as an agent, giving tenants advice on deposit protection?

Because, just like tenants, there are plenty of rogues. I’ve known landlords try and steal deposits purely through tenants’ ignorance.

So, here we have a 2-part blog post on deposit protection.

Part 1: Landlords: how can you make sure you get the deposit that you rightfully deserve?

Part 2: Tenants: how can you make sure you get your deposit back?

What qualifies me to write about this?

Over 10 years’ Lettings experience as a tenant, landlord, and agent. I am, and have been, on all 3 sides of the proverbial triangular fence and have battled all parties.